Cavity Trays

Re-Branding / Brand Guidelines / Brochure Design / National Press & Magazine Ads / Exhibitions / Stationary

Having worked with Cavity Trays for over 27 years we were used to their offering of extremely bespoke and technical products for the building trade. Recent they came to us requiring a brand new format for their technical manual and a full company rebrand to go with it.

There was a huge amount of technical information to get right across the 192 pages of the technical manual, coupled with CAD drawings and diagrams, a wealth of information and multiple links and callbacks to earlier or later sections and page numbers. Having designed the new brand first and established key aspects like typefaces and colours, we could port this across all of the creative, knowing it was 100% consistent.

Cavity Trays were very pleased with the final result of both the brand and the manual. They told us that many of their customers were impressed with the new manual’s compact size and clarity.