Re-Branding / Brand Guidelines / Web Design & Development / Iconography / Video Production

Vallis are an internationally known shipping and handling company specialising in the movement, protection and analysis of a wide range of commodities.

Vallis approached for us a full rebrand and a brand new website and company animation to go with it. The company had grown and they felt their identity needed to reflect their ambition for further growth and also the range of new services the company could now offer. We went through a robust and comprehensive concepting process on the brand, meeting with the client on several occasions and discussed their feedback.

After the brand was built we went about building a large and complex website with bespoke iconography, alternate language modes and a striking modern and stylish look and feel. At the same time we were building the animated presentation that combined graphics, photography and dynamic text to tell the story of Vallis.

The resultant work came together with high praise from the VIPs of the company. Vallis mentioned that they have noticed an increase in the number and length of visits to the website and an overall raising of morale in their staff, under the new brand identity.